Top Mistakes Home Sellers in New York Make

Selling a home in New York can be difficult if you have never done it before, or if your buyer is making a ton of demands prior to the sale. Mistakes can be made, especially by the seller, and we have compiled a list of the most common ones in this post.

Misunderstanding the Offer from the Buyer

A common home seller mistake in New York is misunderstanding the offer from the buyer. Many sellers do not review the deposit the buyer said he or she will put down, if the offer is contingent upon the buyer selling another property or if the buyer wants to use credits to help cover the costs of the loan.

Failing to Inspect Home Prior to Listing

A huge mistake sellers in New York make occurs when they fail to have their homes inspected prior to listing on the market. Inspections prior to listing will help homeowners find issues that can be fixed prior to getting involved with buyers.

Failing to Show Curb Appeal

Homeowners who do not show the curb appeal of their home to potential buyers will have trouble getting interest from buyers. Curb appeal is very important because most people will not be able to get past what the outside of the home looks like even after they see the inside, which could be immaculate.

Overpricing the Home

Another common mistake sellers in New York make is overpricing the home. Homeowners must be realistic about the value of their home. Homeowners should perform some research into the prices of other homes in their area that have either been sold recently or are currently on the market.

A residential real estate attorney can help homeowners avoid all of these mistakes.