Real Estate

Frank Savona has experience dealing with all aspects of real estate transactions, including:

As Is Transactions – Watch the following video to learn more as As-Is Transactions

  • Residential transactions such as private residences, condominiums and co-op apartments.  Don’t sign a contract, enter into a mortgage, or agree to any terms of sale until you’ve had the benefit of Frank Savona’s years of experience.  Condo and co-op agreements can be complex and have implications only visible to someone who’s reviewed literally thousands of them, and even beautiful single-family homes often come with baggage that solid legal advice can avoid
  • Commercial transactions.  The commercial space you purchase or rent for your business is one of the most important financial and legal decisions you’ll ever make.  Even if you’ve bought or rented property before, commercial real estate is very different from residential transactions, and only someone who has dealt with these issues before knows what to look for – and how to deal with issues when they’re found.
  • Title review and analysis.  Title problems can cause trouble years or even decades down the road.  A proper title review and analysis can reveal hidden problems such as liens, improper or missing paperwork and documentation, and other potential trouble areas that often get missed.  Frank Savona has experience reviewing title for large and complex real estate deals, and knows what to look for.