Practice Areas

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Real Estate

Frank Savona has experience dealing with all aspects of real estate transactions, including:
Residential transactions such as private residences, condominiums and co-op apartments.
Don’t sign a contract, enter into a mortgage, or agree to any terms of sale until you’ve had the
benefit of Frank Savona’s years of experience. Condo and co-op agreements can be complex
and have implications only visible to someone who’s reviewed literally thousands of them, and even
beautiful single-family homes often come with baggage that solid legal advice can avoid

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Frank Savona is adept and experienced in providing services for all aspects of real estate transaction financing, on behalf of both buyers, sellers, and the top lenders from both New York State and around the country. His expertise includes:

Settlement Services. The average closing can involve more than a hundred separate documents, and an experienced attorney can ensure they are all properly handled and correctly prepared.

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A will is your legacy carved into stone with the power of the law – but only if the document is prepared properly by an experienced attorney.

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Contract Preparation and Negotiation

Contracts are complex documents that require an experienced eye for proper review and alteration to protect you from unforeseen consequences. Legal advice on any contract issues is an absolute must.

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Risk Analysis and Assessment

Frank Savona can use his experience and training to help you see risk more clearly and apply that risk assessment to your financial, real estate and legal issues.

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Deeds, Power of Attorney, and Other Documents

The modern world runs on documents. The proper preparation of legal documents requires a trained legal mind with experience and a legacy of road-tested documents out in the real world. Frank Savona has created thousands of legal documents that have stood the test of time and litigation.

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Notary Public Services

For the convenience and service of his clients, Frank Savona is a certified Notary and can notarize all legal documents on behalf of his clients.

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