Hire Your Own Property Attorney in Staten Island NY for Your Closing

There are many real estate buyers and sellers out there that want to try to avoid some of the expenses that are associated with a real estate transaction to save money. These buyers and sellers may even try to save money by not hiring a property attorney in Staten Island New York for their closing, believing that they can save the money by doing their closing themselves. In fact, hiring a property attorney in Staten Island New York is a necessity and is not something that either party to a closing should go without.

Why Legal Help for Your Closing Is Important

When you hire a property attorney, you will have years of experience on your side to make sure that your closing goes as smoothly as possible. Matters that go into your transaction such as inspections, dealing with co-op approval, title inspections and conditions to the sales contract are all issues that can all disrupt a closing if not handled properly beforehand. These things are also the very things that may be overlooked if a party to a closing decides to try and handle a sale themselves.

You Will Not Ultimately Save by Not Using a Lawyer

While it may seem like handling a closing alone will save legal fees, there could be a loss of thousands if there are not attorneys handling both sides of a closing, way more than the original attorney’s fees for that closing would have cost to begin with. By refusing to use an attorney for a closing, the costs related to an error in the closing, even an accidental one, could be far more than simply paying for the attorney to begin with would have cost.