Finding Pet-Friendly Residential Real Estate in NYC

One of the most common questions for those seeking out residential real estate in NYC is whether purchasers of condos or co-ops will be able to have pets.  This is because in New York City, even being a buyer of a condo or a home in a co-op can mean that you are subject to their strict pet rules.  The same goes for those who are renting- you should always conduct your research.

Don’t Make Assumptions

If you’re on the hunt for good pet friendly residences in NYC, don’t make the assumption that because you have seen pets in the building that you will be able to bring your pets.  This is because some buildings might have recently changed their policies but allowed current pet owners to be grandfathered in.  Make sure you’re working with an agent who can screen for residential real estate in NYC that allows pets, if this is a primary concern for you.  Those buildings that do allow pets might require a “pet interview” to see whether your animal is well-behaved and within any weight restrictions.

Let Your Agent Know Your Needs

If you are hunting for residential real estate in NYC but having outdoor space is important to you or your pet, make sure your agent knows.  This can help to cut down on your search options, but there are choices out there that will give you outdoor space for your pet.

Look at the Neighborhood

Always do a walkthrough of the neighborhood first.  Make sure you’re reasonably close to vets, groomers, pet stores, and even animal day care.  Find out how far the home is from public parks, because if your animal needs to exercise, you need to find residential real estate in NYC that offers close proximity.