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Have Your Real Estate Attorney in Staten Island NY Review Your Title

One of the most important parts of any real estate transaction is to make sure you have a thorough title review. Not only a review of your title, make sure that you understand the nature of the property that you are purchasing, but it can also prevent you from having problems later on. Your real estate attorney in Staten Island NY is the best one to do your title search. By doing a proper title review and analysis, you can be sure that your real estate attorney in Staten Island NY can save you from a lot of headaches later on.

A title review can accomplish a couple of things when you are buying a home. To begin with, a proper review will go back in time to find out things such as where your property lines are and if there are any encumbrances with the title such as right of way for utilities or restrictions on what can be done with the property. It is common when a larger piece of property is divided up that restrictions such as limitations on what can be built on a property are put into place.

There could be issues that are closer to the present that your real estate attorney may find during a title search as well. If the seller has a lien on the property such as a tax lien, this could seriously affect their ability to sell unless the issue is deal with before or at closing. Additionally, there could be issues such as the seller being underwater on their mortgage or another party’s interest in the property, both of which could cause you legal issues in the future.

Hire a Real Estate Attorney in Staten Island NY When You Foreclose

No lender wants to have to foreclose on one of their borrowers, but it can be unavoidable. When it comes to foreclosing on a borrower, it is always a good idea for a lender to use a real estate attorney in Staten Island New York from start to finish so that they can be sure of the best possible outcome. While many lenders already may be losing quite a bit of money having to foreclose, using a real estate attorney in Staten Island New York can help a lender be sure they follow all of the proper procedure, eventually leading to a better result.

How an Attorney Can Help

In any foreclosure, there are specific rules that have to be followed by the lender for the foreclosure to be deemed proper. If these rules are overlooked, even accidentally, there can be devastating consequences for the lender, including their case being thrown out. While a lender may want to try to handle a claim on their own in the beginning in order to save money, the ultimate risk of losing a foreclosure case could end up costing thousands, adding even more to the expenses related to the foreclosure.

When hiring a real estate attorney in Staten Island, New York, a lender can be sure that legal counsel will properly handle every step of the foreclosure, from initial notices to auction, so that the case against the borrower is strong and more likely to be handled properly from the very beginning. Having legal counsel makes sure a lender can get the best result in their case, resulting a quicker foreclosure because there is much less of a risk of a technicality keeping there from being a positive result for the lender.

Three Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Attorney in Staten Island

Not sure whether hiring a real estate attorney in Staten Island NY is worth it? While it might seem like a good idea at first to save costs by bypassing the hiring of a real estate attorney in Staten Island, you’ll be surprised to know that in the long term, the hassle and expenses associated with real estate transactions make the hiring of an attorney one of the best investments and a guaranteed return on your money due to the fact that these transactions can get tricky real quick and you don’t want to run the risk of going into these transactions unprotected.

If you think you might need help from a real estate professional, then you should know the main reason why people hire a real estate attorney is because the process of buying a house is complex, and generally speaking, most people find that the help of a professional can help them get through the buying process more smoothly. Another reason is the fact that real estate attorneys usually have good relationships with the realtors and can advise you on whether or not the particular realtor that you are dealing with can be trusted.

Finally, even though every state has its own set of real estate laws, some people might be more comfortable getting the help of a real estate attorney when it comes to finalizing the contract just to make sure that it is complying with local and state laws. It is not a secret that the process of buying a house can get expensive real quick, but it is better to be protected in case of any discrepancies and the help of a real estate attorney can be extremely valuable.

At What Point Should I Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

Buying and selling a home is not a simple feat, but a real estate attorney can help make it a little less stressful. Some states, and even regions or counties, actually require the use of a real estate attorney when buying and selling a home.

When Buying a Home

While real estate attorneys can help with the purchase of homes, they are extremely beneficial to have when buying a short sale or bank-owned property. Attorneys are also a great help with properties that may have some big issues such as structural problems, or that are located in problematic areas. A real estate attorney New York can provide a great deal of market insight to New York’s confusing housing market.

When Selling a Home

If the property is being sold as an heir or on behalf of someone who is deceased, a real estate attorney is a good person to help. Similarly, if it is a problematic property- one with a large amount of distress- then an attorney can help ensure the seller does not encounter legal problems when closing on a deal.

Under Special Circumstances

As a buyer, if you are looking at homes outside of your hometown, an attorney can smooth the negotiating process for you. They can also be beneficial because if there is ever any uncertainty, whether you are a buyer or seller, on what to expect from the deal. When purchasing a commercial property is another time to consider having an attorney.

While real estate attorneys are not always necessary, it is good to consider finding one. Not only can they ease the process by making sure contract terms are clear and fair, but they can also help with filing deeds and choosing leases.

Why Should Commercial Real Estate Transactions Have Attorney Oversight?

Commercial real estate is a difficult market to maneuver no matter where it takes place. Therefore, it is highly recommended to seek out the help of an attorney. Below are three reasons attorney oversight is necessary.

They Know the Laws

Laws for commercial real estate vary state-to-state, so a licensed attorney will be able to help navigate through the legal aspects involved. A commercial real estate transaction in NYC will be different than one in California. They can also provide a much clearer understanding of contract terms, and help to make any necessary revisions. This knowledge also helps them with negotiating contract terms.

They Handle Property Titles

This is a statement written by an attorney, detailing the state of the property in question, including ownership rights and the things that need to be done in order for the product to be put marketable. During the search, an attorney will also make sure the property title is clear from any debts. If it is clear then the attorney is able to file the paperwork with the buyer’s insurance company.

Provide Advice for Clients

When buyers are unsure on the quality of land for land development, they turn to their real estate attorney. As mentioned before, they can also provide advice and counsel on the commercial estate laws for the area. Attorneys can also help also help with closing on a property if their client chooses to go through with the purchase.

An attorney can provide advice and insight a normal agent may not be aware of. With an attorney, a successful commercial property purchase can easily be made. When it comes to commercial real estate, be sure to have an experienced attorney to help oversee the purchasing or selling process.