Buyer’s Guide to Home Inspections

As a purchaser of real estate in New York, it’s good to understand the home inspection process and how it can influence your experience.  In many cases, your bank will require a home inspection as a condition of your mortgage.  Inspections can be an extremely wise move to help you know about possible problems within a home before you purchase it.  Being knowledgeable about weaknesses can also give you some negotiation room to talk with the seller about covering the cost of certain repairs before you move forward with the transaction.

Finally, a home inspection can give you an idea about whether you are financially equipped to manage the property.  There are exceptions to this rule, however, because situations where home maintenance is provided by an association or a condo should always be undertaken with care about your particular responsibilities when it comes to repairing problems on the property.

As the home purchaser in New York, the responsibility for the inspection falls on you.  In order to earn your seat at the settlement table, you’ll need to hire a home inspector, cover the cost, and ensure that the inspection is completed in a reasonable amount of time.  Planning this early on in the purchasing process is a wise decision.  Make sure you shop around to provide yourself ample time to complete the inspection and be clear about the cost for the home inspection.  While initially it might seem very expensive to conduct the inspection, it truly is in your best interest to have this done so that you are knowledgeable about the property and confident in your ability to maintain it.  As areal estate purchaser in New York, you should always evaluate the many benefits of having an inspection before purchasing any property type.