At What Point Should I Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

Buying and selling a home is not a simple feat, but a real estate attorney can help make it a little less stressful. Some states, and even regions or counties, actually require the use of a real estate attorney when buying and selling a home.

When Buying a Home

While real estate attorneys can help with the purchase of homes, they are extremely beneficial to have when buying a short sale or bank-owned property. Attorneys are also a great help with properties that may have some big issues such as structural problems, or that are located in problematic areas. A real estate attorney New York can provide a great deal of market insight to New York’s confusing housing market.

When Selling a Home

If the property is being sold as an heir or on behalf of someone who is deceased, a real estate attorney is a good person to help. Similarly, if it is a problematic property- one with a large amount of distress- then an attorney can help ensure the seller does not encounter legal problems when closing on a deal.

Under Special Circumstances

As a buyer, if you are looking at homes outside of your hometown, an attorney can smooth the negotiating process for you. They can also be beneficial because if there is ever any uncertainty, whether you are a buyer or seller, on what to expect from the deal. When purchasing a commercial property is another time to consider having an attorney.

While real estate attorneys are not always necessary, it is good to consider finding one. Not only can they ease the process by making sure contract terms are clear and fair, but they can also help with filing deeds and choosing leases.