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Have Your Real Estate Attorney in Staten Island NY Review Your Title

One of the most important parts of any real estate transaction is to make sure you have a thorough title review. Not only a review of your title, make sure that you understand the nature of the property that you are purchasing, but it can also prevent you from having problems later on. Your real estate attorney in Staten Island NY is the best one to do your title search. By doing a proper title review and analysis, you can be sure that your real estate attorney in Staten Island NY can save you from a lot of headaches later on.

A title review can accomplish a couple of things when you are buying a home. To begin with, a proper review will go back in time to find out things such as where your property lines are and if there are any encumbrances with the title such as right of way for utilities or restrictions on what can be done with the property. It is common when a larger piece of property is divided up that restrictions such as limitations on what can be built on a property are put into place.

There could be issues that are closer to the present that your real estate attorney may find during a title search as well. If the seller has a lien on the property such as a tax lien, this could seriously affect their ability to sell unless the issue is deal with before or at closing. Additionally, there could be issues such as the seller being underwater on their mortgage or another party’s interest in the property, both of which could cause you legal issues in the future.

Why You Need Settlement Services in Staten Island NY

Going to court is only one part of finalizing a legal dispute. In fact, the majority of lawsuits actually are resolved by settling the case outside of court. With settlement services in Staten Island NY on your side when you have a lawsuit, you can possibly resolve your case much quicker than you would have through traditional litigation while still protecting your rights. Settlement services in Staten Island NY can possibly help in your matter so that you can get the best possible outcome without having to wait months or years for a judgment.

It is common for a lawsuit to be filed first in many causes of action. Those suits will work their way through the court system, sometimes for years. If a case makes it to trial, there is always a chance that a defendant in your claim could be found not to be liable, meaning that you will not be awarded any judgment. If you add on time for possible appeals to your case, it could be years from when a case is filed to when it is finally resolved.

With settlement services, some of the time and risks that are associated with litigation can be eliminated. Through working for a settlement, there may be a better chance that all parties to the lawsuit work together towards a mutually agreeable solution. Through doing this, a case can be resolved in much less time than it would have with traditional litigation without the risk of not getting a payout from the defendant. Both sides would have an interest in settling the case since, beyond being quicker, there are monetary reasons for both the plaintiff and defendant to settle.

Hire a Wills Attorney in Staten Island NY for Possible Undue Influence in a Will

While the majority of wills are probated without any issues, there are some wills where it becomes evident that something is suspicious about how the will was executed. One of the common ways for a will to go wrong is when there was undue influence when the will was originally written. If you are the potential beneficiary of a will where it appears there was undue influence, your best first call is to a wills attorney in Staten Island NY. Your wills attorney in Staten Island NY can fight for you to protect the inheritance that you were meant to have.

Undue influence means that someone uses some sort of coercion on the testator of the will to convince the testator to write the will in the influencer’s favor. The influencer may use a testator’s physical and mental frailty to convince them to leave a gift in the influencer’s favor. Other signs of undue influence may be when the influencer isolates the victim from loved ones or has their own attorney write up a new will. This is not the same as duress, where threats are made. Rather, undue influence uses manipulation, such as convincing the testator that their family no longer cares for them.

Hiring a wills attorney is the first step you should take once it becomes clear that your loved one was the victim of undue influence. There is a chance that you may be able to get the will that was written due to undue influence thrown out, with the gift to the undue influencer with it. It is possible to protect your rights and your potential inheritance, even after a wrongful will has been written.

Contract Negotiation in Staten Island NY When Making a Personal Loan

There comes a time in many people’s lives when a friend or loved one asks for a personal loan. This can be for many reasons, including paying off bills, going on vacation or even buying a house. While many times these contracts are “handshake deals” it is really for everyone’s best interest to engage in contract negotiation in Staten Island NY so that everyone knows the details of the deal at hand and knows what can be expected when it comes to enforcement of the loan. By using an attorney to assist in contract negotiation in Staten Island NY, every part of the agreement for a personal loan can be put in writing, meaning a clearer agreement that is easier to stick to.

When a personal loan is for a large amount of money and has interest involved, it is best to put that agreement in writing. While it is possible for parties to write this agreement up themselves, the best option is to use an attorney to write up the agreement and help negotiate the deal. There are many aspects of a personal loan that the parties may not think of, such as payment dates, grace periods, what happens if a payment is missed or how long the loan payments will last. When these aspects of a personal loan are put on paper, there is more transparency when it comes to that loan, making it easier for all sides to act on the contract.

While contract negotiation may seem formal when it comes to a loan to a family member or friend, having a clear statement as to what is expected of everyone in the form of a contract can keep personal issues out of that loan later on.