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Hire Your Own Property Attorney in Staten Island NY for Your Closing

There are many real estate buyers and sellers out there that want to try to avoid some of the expenses that are associated with a real estate transaction to save money. These buyers and sellers may even try to save money by not hiring a property attorney in Staten Island New York for their closing, believing that they can save the money by doing their closing themselves. In fact, hiring a property attorney in Staten Island New York is a necessity and is not something that either party to a closing should go without.

Why Legal Help for Your Closing Is Important

When you hire a property attorney, you will have years of experience on your side to make sure that your closing goes as smoothly as possible. Matters that go into your transaction such as inspections, dealing with co-op approval, title inspections and conditions to the sales contract are all issues that can all disrupt a closing if not handled properly beforehand. These things are also the very things that may be overlooked if a party to a closing decides to try and handle a sale themselves.

You Will Not Ultimately Save by Not Using a Lawyer

While it may seem like handling a closing alone will save legal fees, there could be a loss of thousands if there are not attorneys handling both sides of a closing, way more than the original attorney’s fees for that closing would have cost to begin with. By refusing to use an attorney for a closing, the costs related to an error in the closing, even an accidental one, could be far more than simply paying for the attorney to begin with would have cost.

Hire a Real Estate Attorney in Staten Island NY When You Foreclose

No lender wants to have to foreclose on one of their borrowers, but it can be unavoidable. When it comes to foreclosing on a borrower, it is always a good idea for a lender to use a real estate attorney in Staten Island New York from start to finish so that they can be sure of the best possible outcome. While many lenders already may be losing quite a bit of money having to foreclose, using a real estate attorney in Staten Island New York can help a lender be sure they follow all of the proper procedure, eventually leading to a better result.

How an Attorney Can Help

In any foreclosure, there are specific rules that have to be followed by the lender for the foreclosure to be deemed proper. If these rules are overlooked, even accidentally, there can be devastating consequences for the lender, including their case being thrown out. While a lender may want to try to handle a claim on their own in the beginning in order to save money, the ultimate risk of losing a foreclosure case could end up costing thousands, adding even more to the expenses related to the foreclosure.

When hiring a real estate attorney in Staten Island, New York, a lender can be sure that legal counsel will properly handle every step of the foreclosure, from initial notices to auction, so that the case against the borrower is strong and more likely to be handled properly from the very beginning. Having legal counsel makes sure a lender can get the best result in their case, resulting a quicker foreclosure because there is much less of a risk of a technicality keeping there from being a positive result for the lender.

Plan Your Estate with a Wills Attorney in Staten Island NY

Estate planning can be complex and involve much more than simply just writing a will. Despite what some websites or books may tell you, planning your estate without a wills attorney in Staten Island New York can bring up many issues later on, even to the point where your will is thrown out entirely. The risks associated with doing your own will could even result in your estate being distributed as if you died intestate, regardless of what your wishes are. The best way to plan any estate is to work with a wills attorney in Staten Island New York.

Don’t Let Your Will Be Thrown Out

Writing a will is only part of what you have to do to be sure that your wishes are followed after you die. You also have to make sure that your will is properly executed according to the laws of New York. This means that you have to have witnesses to your signature who sign individually that you personally signed the will or acknowledged that you signed and that you had the mental and physical capacity to sign your will. Preferably, you would also want your witnesses to validate they witnessed you sign in a notarized statement. Failure to execute the will properly could mean it is thrown out.

Another thing to be concerned about is any potential dispute that may arise as to whether or not someone was using undue influence or duress to have your will be written in their favor. This is often one of the main arguments that someone makes when they are disputing your will and is something that a wills attorney in Staten Island, New York would make sure to have evidence to the contrary to have your desires remain in effect.

Using a Contract Attorney in Staten Island NY for Your Negotiation

Negotiation is not something that many in our culture are good at, mainly because we are not taught early on about what tactics to use. Unlike other cultures, where people learn from childhood how to negotiate, we tend to just enter into transactions based on price, not based on bargaining. However, when it comes to contracts, it is best to have a thorough all parties have strong representation behind them in the form of a contract attorney in Staten Island New York. Having a contract attorney in Staten Island New York assures that someone who has been educated in the best tactics to use when negotiating works hard for you and what is important for you in your contract.

There are limited careers where the art of negotiation is second nature. Some examples of this would include real estate developers, car dealers or general contractors. Individuals in these fields have to deal with negotiations every day, meaning that negotiation is second nature to them. If you are someone who is doing business with someone in one of these fields, you could end up on the wrong side of a bad deal, especially if you do not understand how to be sure what to do to make the deal swing more your way. While you may not want an attorney to help buy a car, with a contract attorney in Staten Island, New York, you can have someone on your side who is equally well versed in negotiation skills as the people you would normally contract with. Through this, you can make sure that you have your interests heard when you are coming up with a contract, meaning you have a much better chance of reaching an agreement that is fair for you.